alyssa frazee

Hey, I'm Alyssa! I trained as a statistician and now I'm a software engineer. I like working on problems in either of those fields, and especially on the ones that span both. I'm based in the SF Bay Area and I'm a software engineer at Check, specializing in fraud prevention and risk.

Previously, I was a software engineer and technical lead at Pilot. I spent 2020 building models and software for progressive political campaigns at Deck, and I was a machine learning engineer at Stripe for almost five years, where I built payment fraud models and user security systems (like 2FA and account takeover protection). Before I started working in tech, I did a PhD in biostatistics, spent a glorious summer in New York City at Recurse Center, and studied math in undergrad. If you want all that in a pdf summary, I have a formal resume.

Outside of work, I have way too many interests, including hiking, biking, reading, cooking, doing improv, skiing, and learning to garden.

email: alyssa dot frazee at gmail dot com
linkedin: profile
github: @alyssafrazee