Here are some great pages I’ve found myself referring to a lot in the past few weeks, or pages I want to remember (without bookmarking, since I never look at my bookmarks).  I’m collecting them here so I can have a somewhat reasonable number of tabs open in my browser at one time.  (Things are getting insane at the moment).  They’ve helped me, so maybe they’ll help you too.

  • Markdown basics - useful for writing ‘s for github repos, among many other things: 
  • Mac keyboard shortcut symbols - I never know what those crazy characters mean.  This is what they mean.
  • Chrome keyboard shortcuts - I have now successfully been able to navigate between Sublime, Terminal, and two separate Chrome tabs without using my mouse.  AWESOME. (The above link is for Mac; this is the link for Windows).
  • A good git workflow - I haven’t read this through but would really like to, since I need a more structured way of coding, committing, and pushing to github
  • Homebrew - easy software installation for OS X!  yeah!  I finally got wget properly installed thanks to this magical world.  And if something fails, you can start with “brew doctor” as a way to find the problem.  
  • I installed Sublime Text 2 the other day (a really beautiful/powerful text editor), and then I decided to try out SublimeREPL for running code right there in Sublime.  I didn’t want to lose the link to the SublimeREPL documentation, so it’s here.  So far I think SublimeREPL is okay, but there are a few things I don’t like, or maybe just haven’t figured out yet: (1) I’ve had problems importing my libraries (i.e., if I’m in a folder with a script, and I type import, it complains that it can’t find thelibrary).  (2) I haven’t been able to ctrl-C or ctrl-D to escape functions while they’re being evaluated.  (3) sometimes the syntax highlighting in the REPL is annoying - e.g., there will be big strips of bright pink at the end of certain lines.
  • An intro to HTTP - I’d love to read this soon, since I’ve started to do a bit of web development
  • Flask mega tutorial - I’m working through this right now
  • statuscode - news for programmers!

more to come!