I really like teaching statistics to students in other disciplines! Here are some of the ways I've done this:

  • I was a lab instructor and lead TA for Biostatistics 621-622, also known as Statistical Methods in Public Health I-II, for two years (Fall 2013 / Fall 2014). This is a large (500-student) master's-level statistics course.
  • I was a TA for John McGready's Coursera course, Statistical Reasoning for Public Health (Spring 2014)
  • I was the lead TA for Biostatistics 611-612, Statistical Reasoning in Public Health I-II, for two years (Fall 2011 / Fall 2012). I won the Helen Abbey Award for my work with that course in Fall 2011.
  • I was a TA/statistical consultant for the Johns Hopkins MPH program for two years (Spring 2012 / Spring 2013)